Common Mistakes of New Leopard Gecko Owners

1. Using reptile carpet

2. Using calcium sand

3. Not using an appropriate heat lamp

4. Exclusively using a heat mat

5. Using a red light or other colored bulb

6. Leaving lights on 24/7

7. Forgetting to incorporate a humid hide

8. Using a “half hide” or wall hide

9. Buying a too-small tank (less than 40 gallons for an adult)

10. Buying a “starter kit”

11. Feeding too much

12. Feeding only one type of insect

13. Feeding mealworms frequently

14. Not dusting feeders

leopard gecko
Leopard geckos make great pets, but only if they are cared for correctly! Image: Wikimedia

15. Purchasing a gecko from Petsmart

16. Purchasing a gecko for use as a classroom pet

17. Giving baths weekly when there are no health issues

18. Cohabiting

19. Believing that loose substrate of any kind will immediately and inevitably kill anything housed on it

20. Handling too much or within the first month

21. Allowing a small child to handle them

22. Allowing a leo anywhere near a cat, dog, or other animal

23. Thinking that they will be cheap

24. Thinking that they will require little to no maintenance

25. Thinking that it is a good idea to get one as a child’s birthday/holiday present

26. Thinking that a minor will be able to care for them entirely with no assistance whatsoever from an adult

27. Forgetting that they are essentially a wild animal that requires fairly complex enrichment needs and a naturalistic setup

Republished from an earlier Reddit post by me. Stay tuned for more posts that will cover the above points in greater depth!